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I'm a self taught artist and have been painting for more than 40 years

I was born in Ayrshire in Western Scotland but mostly grew up on The Wirral Peninsula and also lived for many years on the Isle of Wight,  in Essex, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire before returning recently to Wirral.  I've enjoyed a life-long interest in landscape and seascape and found something evocative and inspiring in each new location.

Felt making began as a hobby but the alchemy of changing wool into art was addictive and my love of coastal landscape, quirky little buildings and animals were as easy to translate via this medium as they were to paint. It is however a very diffent process and I find myself dipping between the two media as the mood takes me.

Mostly I spend my time either painting or felt making and occasionally giving a workshop in the studio I share with my artist husband Rob Soar. 
There have been exhibitions and shows too numerous to list and we've both enjoyed them very much but our enduring happiness comes from creating and we are lucky that we enjoy each other's company enough to allow us to live and work together so much.


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